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Grad School: Low Residency Search

Year two of teaching for Baltimore County in books. Life has started to settle, and we can’t have that can we?! Commence the search for a studio MFA program that both pushes my concept, and practice; while allowing me to continue my work as a visual arts educator.


Low-Residency MFA

Low Residency programs are built for practicing artists, educators, and other working professionals; who are unwilling, or unable to take time off from their day to day life to complete a traditional 2 Year full year residency program. Typically they are 40-60 credits long, and consist of a minimum of two fall/spring remote sessions and 2-4 intense summer session in person at the college or university.

This is type of program holds appeal for me, because it would allow me to continue working for Baltimore County, and work in my home studio during the school year. Then use my summers to complete my intesnive studio classes, and critiques. I’ve started researching and even visiting a couple of this programs below is what I have found so far.

MassArt (Massachusetts College of Art and Design)

Estimated Total Tuition/Living: $47,700

Full disclaimer I may be slightly biased while writing this, I am still coming off the high of my tour of campus this morning.


•I enjoy the campus, and the community seems to be something I would be interest in being a part of.

•Grad students, including low residency, have 24 hour access to most studios

•Tuition is billed per credit

•Close proximity to Isabelle Stewart Gardnier Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

•Openess for cross media exploration

•Paid Assistanships possible ($16hr)

**Bonus: Nicole Aquillano is an alumni and I’m a total fan girl.**


•I would have to pay for housing for six weeks for three summers (estimated $6000 total)

•MassArt does not have a lot of scholarship money available.

•January critque may not fall over my winter break.

MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art)

Estimated Total Tuition: $70,645


• Proximity to home

• Strong faculty

• Stong local community art scene

• Mid Year critique is over MLK weekend


• Assistantship not available during summer

• Does not seem like low res. students are assimilated with rest of campus

• Acess to ceramics studio would require special proposal

• Four summers as opposed to three

Towson University

**Not a low residency program**

Estimated Total Tuition: $36,000


• Proximity to home

• Potentially completed in two years

• Comfort level

• Relatively free access to studio

• Scholarship possible

• Assistantship possible

• Connection to Baltimore Clayworks


• Comfort level

• Same school as my undergrad

• Less recognizable name in the Fine Arts world

• Would need to be compeleted at night

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