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Danielle Hawk

Danielle Hawk was born in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2016 she received a Bachelors of Science in Art Education and General Fine Arts. She currently teaches ceramics for Baltimore County Public Schools and Towson University. In 2022 she received her MFA  in studio arts with a concentration in ceramics from Towson University. 

Using the functionless vessel as an extension of the self my work aims to challenge the ideas of perfection, projection, and self-doubt.

The vessel components are created in contrast; the ‘perfect’ thrown piece compared to the ‘imperfect’ hand-built body cast replica. These modules are then disassembled and reassembled following a numeric pattern or ratio. The numeric control used for each work varies and is derived from my personal compulsive relationship with numbers. While the impetus of my process is derived from my personal anxieties, the works strives to make shared human experience accessible, and encourage open and honest conversation.

By juxtaposing paired objects, texture, process, or tone I test our preconceived notions of correctness, and peer through the veil of social performance.
I am excited by the perceived imperfections; for me these moments are rebellion.

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